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Security paper with customized security thread/line embedded is highly regulated from production process to end-user. It is, by far, the highest security or anti-counterfeiting features in the world.

It was first to be used by various countries' banknote. Commercial application has been gradually increased in recent years, such as, Microsoft, Lenovo and etc.

We can produce certificate, voucher and label with security thread embedded, which greatly protects our customers' financial interest.

Products Range:

- Security Paper with Watermark.
- Security Paper with Security Line / Thread.
- UV Dull Security Paper.
- Security Paper with Security Pigment.
- Security Paper with Security Fibre.


We can include the following features in security paper:
- Customized watermark.
- Customized security line / thread.
- Security pigment (It can only be detected by UV light.).
- Visible / Invisible security fibre.
- Special fluorescent / non-fluorescent security paper.
- Etc.


- According to customer requirement.