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1. Mastering:

Light beam from Laser is split into two beams by Beam Splitter. First beam, name as "reference beam", is directed onto the photographic plate. Second beam, name as "object beam", is reflected from the object to the same plate. Two laser beams intersect, they create what is called an interference pattern. This pattern is then recorded onto the plate. (Figure 1: Hologram Recording Process)

2. Electroforming

The plate is framed and placed into electroforming tank. An electric current is then conducted to electroplate master with nickel. A master template is produced after removing from the master plate.

3. Embossing

The master template is placed into embossing machine, it transfers the hologram image from the template onto clear PET film through pressure and heating.

4. Metallizing

The embossed film is aluminized by transferring into a vacuum chamber through vaporization process.

5. Converting

Adhesive is applied to the back of hologram. It is then cut into required size and shape. Hologram sticker or foil is formed.

6. Finishing

All finished goods would be examined by QA department before packaging.