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Hologram hot stamping label is suitable for industries of demanding precise positioning and heavy hologram usage, which, to a large extent, resolves the negativity of hologram sticker.

The label is hot-stamped on the surface of product packaging and cannot be scratched off as it becomes integrated part of packaging.

We can flexibly produce various optical points at different angles to accommodate all brands of hot stamping machines.

Products Range:

- Customized Hologram Hot Stamping Label with Optical Point.
- Customized Hologram Hot Stamping Label without Optical Point.


- 2D/3D, Dot-matrix and Deep 3D Technology.
- Individual logo pattern, exquisite hologram for authentication and decoration.
- High security technology.
- High authentication with international award.
- Best combination for brand anti-counterfeiting and packaging decoration.
- Exact precision high-speed stamping and good stamping result.
- Customization according to customers need.


- Label Size: According to customer needs.
- Color: Gold, silver, blue, red, transparent and etc.
- Base Film: PET, 15-19 micron thickness.