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What is security paper?
Security paper is paper of up to 100% wood pulp material, normally free of OBA, which embeds security features, such as watermark, fibre and security thread, during the conversion of pulp to security paper process.

It is normally used to validate a document and demonstrate tamper evident when modifying is attempted.
What features can be inset into security paper?
We can inset the following features into security paper.
- Watermark
- Security Thread
- Fibre (Visible or Invisible)
- Dot (Visible or Invisible)
What is the security level of watermark paper?
There are few types of watermark paper in the market. Mainly customized watermark, general pattern watermark and digital watermark.

Customized Watermark
The watermark image/text is customized and included in the security paper by a definite pattern. Minimum order quantities are 1 ton weight of papers. The security level is on top of other kinds of watermark paper.

General Pattern Watermark
The watermark image/text is produced in general pattern, such as flower, globe and etc. It is generally marketed for customers who need "Watermark" for comfortable purpose and low order quantities requirement. The security level is lowest among other types of watermark paper.

Printing Watermark
Unlike the true watermark which is included in the paper through dandy roll or cylinder mould during security paper manufacturing process, whereby printing watermark is a low cost security printing process and low order quantities requirement. The security level is depending on the technical and skills of printing company.
What is security thread paper?
A special type of wire is embedded into the paper during papermaking process. There are various types of security thread, such as polyester line, micro-text line, UV protected line, magnetic line and etc. Shape of security line can be in straight, wavy, serrated or other patterns.

Security thread paper has been widely used in the banknote production. It is, by far, the highest security and anti-counterfeit feature in the world.