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What is Hologram?
The term 'hologram' is derived from two Greek words 'holos' meaning whole or complete and 'graphos' meaning an image. The term therefore describes a recorded image which is complete, in that it shows the whole volumetric space of the object or image in 3D as opposed to a 2D image which displays an object from a single viewpoint.
Is hologram a printing technology?
Hologram is produced through the interference of laser beam whereby the images are captured in a three-dimensional form and are presented on a two-dimensional surface.

Therefore, as opposed to conventional misconception, hologram is, in fact, not a printing technology.
What are the different type of holograms?
Holograms can be classified according to the level of security and degree of resolution incorporated during the process of master origination.

HGT produces different type of holograms:
- 2D/3D
- Dot-matrix
- Deep 3D
Can hologram be duplicated?
There are various quality of holograms in the market. A low quality hologram can be duplicated up to 98% similarity; however, a good quality hologram is rather hard to be duplicated, depending on the technical equipments and operational skills of company.

HGT continously invests in advanced equipments and develops technical knowledge in-house which greatly reduce the risk of hologram being counterfeited.
How to grade the quality of hologram?
The grading of hologram is not determined by the sophisticated design of hologram image. It is graded by the following criterias:

Depth of image:
The deeper the better and less prone to be counterfeited.

A good quality hologram is shining and has sparkling effect when turning the hologram.

A bad adhesive glue would easily loss it’s stickiness and the layer can stick on hand while applying hologram on the product.
What are the hologram production processes?
Please refer our "Hologram Production Process" page.

- http://www.hgt-global.com/hologram_production_process.html
Is paper label secured?
Paper label can easily be duplicated through scan and print. So, it is less secure comparing to PET material hologram sticker with 3D depth.