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Security hologram with high resolution image. Hologram hot stamping label can be in single or continuous pattern. Scratch-off label can conceal information under the layer. Security thread can be embedded into label, certificate or voucher. Gen2 anti-copy greatly improves warning text on duplicated documents. Perfect combination of security hologram and art.
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HGT - The Leading Hologram and Security Paper Manufacturer

HGT focuses on anti-counterfeiting, hologram, security printing and packaging technology. Our products mainly cover hologram sticker, holographic foil, security label, security paper, security voucher / coupon, security certificate, ID card and etc. HGT's products and designs have been applied over the world in various industries with great success, which cover Government, Tobacco, Liquor, Real Estate, Cosmetic, Automobile, Information and Technology, Telecommunication, Pharmaceutical, Education, Printing and Packaging and etc........MORE>>

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Our Products
Hologram Sticker / Label
Hologram Hot Stamping Label
Scratch-off Label
Security Paper
Anti-Copy Security Paper
Security Voucher
Security Certificate
ID Card

Product Highlight
Multi-colored hologram foil is not realized through reflection but contains several color foils physically. Disneyland has used 2-color hologram sticker to protect their products' genuinity.
Frequently Asked Questions
- Is hologram a printing technology? -

Hologram is produced through the interference of laser beam whereby the images are captured in a three-dimensional form and are presented on a two-dimensional surface.

Therefore, as opposed to conventional misconception, hologram is, in fact, not a printing technology.